Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 2: Changemaking communities

Day 2: Changemaking communities

Circle of dried flower and stones with a candle
The focus for today was thinking and learning about the community of Ashoka Changemaker schools and how we can strengthen, connect and amplify. The day begun with a centering activity out side surrounded by the massive mountain mesas in a circle giving gratitude to each other. With the chilly air and beauty around visually and emotionally the day began focused and calm.
This is what we want for all children as they enter school each day. grounding themselves in the community and support that surrounds them and beginning the day calm and ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

We also took time to learn more about each other. Who we are and where we struggle. again with a focus of when we have intimacy with one another our community grows because we understand, have empathy and know how we can help.

Then we had a group of students from the NACA (Native American Community Academy) come and speak to us and lead us through how they focus on community, humanity and each other. Beautiful.
They spoke about the medicine wheel, the natural law to take care of the whole self/child. When one color is off the whole world needs re-centering.
"literacy is way beyond being able to read it it is to be able to take care of yourself and the world around you. 
This was a powerful hour with these students. We have so much to gain and learn by listening to our native american communities. I am excited to keep learning and growing.

We had a session around the brain research about importance of relationship (presented by FuelED) For all children but especially the ones who fight the natural or typical relationship building at school. They need us to keep fighting for them. The brain research doesn't lie. the only way to rebuild connections that may have been lost due to trauma, poverty, or for varies reasons is to build unconditional relationships.

*This was shown to us all in the PBS film School of the Future

The other film that was brought to my attention is The Mask you Live In   This is on Netflix.

My last official session of the day was Human Centered Design Thinking. This was a great revisit for my on why we should center learning in design thinking. HL has done a lot of work around design thinking and education. The human centered piece is a wonderful and exciting lens.

For the rest of the evening I was invested in writing and being a part of an Amplificaiton Fund Team from Ashoka. This was a group of six changemaker schools writing grants to support a partnership in changmaking. Whether our fund gets funding or not my team is passionate to push it through together. The amplifcaiton fund that I was a part of is focused on social justice for students. With focus areas of building lesson around teaching students that race is a social construct, having shared global experiences for children either trough story, film, Skype and who know what else will evolve, building a partnership for the students with other Ashoka changemaker schools from around the country to understand activism and change making. EXCITING!!!!

This experience has been so special and I am appreciative to all that made it possible. I still have one more day of learning (which feel nuts). The biggest take away for me is that Highlands is an amazing community doing wonderful things every day for students, staff and families. We need to keep pushing what we know is right for children and we need to reach out and partner with other fabulous changemaking schools to keep learning, growing and building inspiration. We don't have to go it alone we have the community and they ALL want to grow with us and continue changemaking for all the right reasons- KIDS!
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  1. Read The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers before you buy into this crap.